We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Understanding SharePoint Products and Technologies

The integration between Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Products and Technologies provides administrators, project leads, and project contributors with powerful information about sharing and organizational tools. This integration includes a team project Web site. This Web site enables the sharing of process guidance, project documents, templates, and reports among team members, as needed, and according to each team member's role in the project. You can use any of the supported versions of SharePoint Products and Technologies with Team Foundation Server. Depending on your configuration and deployment, you can use Windows SharePoint Services 2.0, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

SharePoint Products and Technologies is part of the logical Team Foundation application tier. You can install SharePoint Products and Technologies on the same physical server as the rest of the logical components of the Team Foundation application tier, or you can install it on a separate physical server or server farm. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Security Architecture and download the most recent version of the Team Foundation Installation Guide from the Microsoft Download Center.

When configuring users and groups in Team Foundation Server, you must also manually configure role membership and permissions appropriately for those users and groups in SharePoint Products and Technologies. The steps for configuring role membership and permissions for users and groups will vary depending on the version of SharePoint Products and Technologies that you use in your deployment. For more information, see Windows SharePoint Services Roles, How to: Set Team Foundation Server Project Lead Permissions, How to: Set Team Foundation Server Contributor Permissions, How to: Set Team Foundation Server Reader Permissions, and How to: Set Team Foundation Server Administrator Permissions.

SharePoint Products and Technologies is a full-featured collaboration and information-sharing solution with its own documentation. For more information about how to administer SharePoint Products and Technologies, see the SharePoint Products and Technologies Tech Center on the Microsoft Web site.