This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Team Foundation Server Data-Tier Servers

This section contains links to topics describing how to manage the data-tier server in Team Foundation Server.

In This Section

How to: Rename a Data-Tier Server

Explains how to rename a data-tier server.

How to: Repair a Data-Tier Server

Details how to repair a data-tier server.

How to: Uninstall a Data-Tier Server

Describes how to uninstall a data-tier server.

How to: Verify Team Foundation Server Fail-Over in a Cluster

Describes how to verify successful fail-over of a Team Foundation data-tier server in a SQL Server cluster.

How to: Move the Data Warehouse SQL Server Analysis Services Database to a Separate Server

Describes how to move the data warehouse SQL Server Analysis Services database to a separate server.

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