This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Edit the Schema Map File

The schema map file for work item migration specifies the files to be used during work item migration, including:

  • The mapping from each ClearQuest entity to a defined work item type definition file.

  • The field mapping file to map entity fields to work item fields.

  • The user map file to map ClearQuest users to Team Foundation users.

The schema map file is generated by the converter during the analysis phase. You should review this file before migration and make any changes that you require, such as not migrating a particular work item type, or specifying a different user mapping file.

To edit the schemamap.xml file

  1. Open the Schemamap.xml file. A sample file is provided.

        <SchemaMap SourceEntity="Defect" TargetWIT="Defect"
          WITDFile="Defect.xml" FieldMapFile="DefectFieldMap.xml"/> 
        <SchemaMap SourceEntity="Customer" TargetWIT="Customer"
          WITDFile="Customer.xml" FieldMapFile="CustomerFieldMap.xml"/> 
      <UserMap File="UserMap.xml" /> 
  2. Edit the sections in this file as appropriate.

    • SourceEntity   Ensure this section contains the correct ClearQuest entity.

    • TargetWIT   Ensure this section points to the correct work item type that should be created in Team Foundation work item tracking.

    • WITDFile   This section specifies the work item type definition (WITD) XML file.

    • FieldMapFile   This section specifies the field mapping XML file.

    • UserMap   This section specifies the user mapping XML file.