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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Connecting to a Windows SharePoint Server

Team Foundation Server and Windows SharePoint Services are integrated on the application tier of a logical Team Foundation Server. How you connect to a portal server depends on your server role and whether you want to configure general administrative settings or a specific project Web site.

Windows SharePoint Services Portals for Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server integration with Windows SharePoint Services includes both an administrative site for controlling basic settings for all Team Foundation Server sites on the project server, as well as a team project Web site for every project on the Team Foundation Server. Project servers include process guidance, project documents, templates, and work item tracking capabilities that can be shared with team members as needed and according to each team member's role in the project.

Administrative Site for a Team Foundation Server

You can perform several tasks that affect the overall connectivity and performance of a server that is running Windows SharePoint Services from the default or top-level Web site, also known as the administrative site. Important administrative tasks include adding users and groups and setting permissions, as well as enabling or disabling Web document discussions or alerts. You can connect to the administrative site by opening a Web browser and typing the server name of the application-tier server in the address bar.

Project Sites

Whenever you create a project in Team Foundation Server, a project Web site is also created. The site for your team project provides a central location for storing documents, posting announcements, listing build information, and reporting on your team project status. You can grant users permissions to read the project Web site, contribute to the project Web site, or administer the project Web site, as needed.

Central Administration Site for Windows SharePoint Services

To administer Windows SharePoint Services itself, you must add an administrative group to central administration. Windows SharePoint Services has a separate central administration tool installed when you install Windows SharePoint Services, called SharePoint Central Administration. You can access this tool on the Team Foundation application tier through the Start menu.

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