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Source Control Migration Report Messages

The Source Control Migration Report has an Errors section and a Warnings section. A Critical Error section is added if a fatal error stops migration or analysis. This topic explains the messages that appear in these sections.


The number of actions analyzed versus the number of actions migrated may be different because not all analyzed actions are migrated, for example, the archive, restore, purge and destroy actions.

Critical Error

If analysis or migration is interrupted caused by a fatal error, this section is included in the report and provides a description of the error that caused analysis or migration to fail. For more information, see Critical Migration Errors.


If you have errors during analysis or migration, it means that some files or folders were not migrated. The errors do not mean that the migrated database is not usable. You can choose to ignore the files that were not migrated and start using the migrated sources in Team Foundation.

File and folder migration errors are generated when the converter cannot migrate or analyze versions of files or folders because there is an unhandled case in the Visual SourceSafe Converter. This section contains information about these not migrated files and folders that the converter could not warn about during analysis. Each error message gives a brief description of the error that was found during migration or analysis.

For more information, see Migration Errors.


This section contains information about the loss of information or modification of information because data in Visual SourceSafe cannot be migrated to Team Foundation source control for a known reason. During analysis, the converter warns about this potential loss of information, except for data loss warnings caused by Visual SourceSafe database corruption. Frequently where the Visual SourceSafe database is corrupted, you will not be able to retrieve the version through the VSS Explorer or VSS command line. Sometimes, you can either take some action to prevent the information loss, or you can choose to accept the information loss and run the converter anyway.

Each warning message gives a brief description of the warnings that were found during migration or analysis, and contains a link to a document that contains details about the warning.

Data Loss Warnings

Other Warnings

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