We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Migrating from Visual SourceSafe

The Team Foundation Visual SourceSafe converter tool transfers files, folders, version history, labels, and user information from a Visual SourceSafe database to Team Foundation source control. Before you move files and historical information to Team Foundation, you should analyze a backup copy of the Visual SourceSafe database, check in as many files as possible, and understand what information cannot be transferred from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation. See the following sections for more information:

Introduction to Team Foundation for Visual SourceSafe Users

Provides information to help Visual SourceSafe users get started with Team Foundation source control.

Visual SourceSafe Converter Limitations

Describes the limitations of the converter.

How History Events Are Migrated

Describes how particular history events in Visual SourceSafe are migrated to Team Foundation source control.

Planning for Source Control Migration

Describes how to plan for a migration from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation source control.

Migrating Source Control

Describes how to migrate from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation source control.

After Migrating Source Control

Describes the tasks to do post-migration to ensure a successful migration and troubleshoot migration problems.

VSSConverter Command-Line Utility for Source Control Migration

Lists all of the command line options for the source control migration converter.

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