Managing Team Foundation Server
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Managing Team Foundation Server

As a Team Foundation Server administrator, you must be familiar with the administration tools for Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, and Windows SharePoint Services. The following topics give you the specific information that you have to manage Team Foundation Server.

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Managing Users and Groups

Describes how to add, delete, and modify users and groups in Team Foundation Server.

Managing Permissions

Describes the default groups and permissions and how to modify those permissions.

Managing Team Foundation Server Services and Service Accounts

Describes the services and service accounts that run on the data-tier or application-tier of Team Foundation Server.

Managing Data

Describes the tools, procedures, and guidelines for managing the data that is used by and stored in Team Foundation Server.

Managing SQL Server Services

Provides links to the relevant topics in SQL Server 2005 Books Online for managing the database, analysis, and reporting services used by Team Foundation.

Managing Team Foundation Server Components

Describes the procedures to cluster, fail-over, repair, and rename the application-tier and data-tier servers.

Managing Team Foundation Server in an Active Directory Domain

Describes the stable and secure deployment of Team Foundation Server in an Active Directory environment and provides examples of unsupported domain configurations.

Managing Team Foundation Server in a Workgroup

Identifies the advantages and disadvantages of using Team Foundation Server in a Workgroup.

Managing Remote Connections to Team Foundation Server Proxy

Describes the operation of the Team Foundation Server proxy and the procedures to configure it.

Managing Team Foundation Server Sites in Windows SharePoint Services

Describes the tasks that affect the connectivity and performance of a server that is running Windows SharePoint Services that is also configured for Team Foundation.

Managing Team Foundation Server Configuration Settings

Describes the procedures to configure the Team Foundation Server environment by using the Web services and Web.config files.

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