Managing Users in Team Foundation Server

You can directly add, modify, and remove users to and from a team project, a team project collection, or Visual Studio Team Foundation Server itself. When managing users, you should determine what the users' roles are and what permissions the users must have to work within the role. Groups in Team Foundation Server have preset permissions, but you must explicitly set permissions for individual user accounts. If you add a user directly to a project, to a collection, or to the server, you must configure at least one permission for that user to change that user's access.

Managing groups is less complex than managing each user individually. Consider adding users to Team Foundation Server groups instead of adding them individually.

Team Foundation Server Users

Describes situations where you might want to assign permissions directly to a user rather than making the user a member of a group.

View Existing Users

Explains the steps to determine which users and groups are directly associated with a project or with the Team Foundation server.

Add a User Directly to a Team Project or Team Project Collection

Explains the steps for adding a user account directly to Team Foundation Server.

Modify Permissions for a User

Explains the steps for changing the permissions assigned a user account.

Deactivate or Reactivate a User

Explains the steps for suspending or reinstating a user account.

Remove a User From a Team Project or Team Project Collection

Explains the steps for completely removing a user account from a team project.

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