This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms Namespace

The Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms namespace contains methods and properties for the ReportViewer Web server control.

Please see Web.config Settings for ReportViewer for information about using the ReportViewer Web server control in a scale-out deployment or without session state.

Public classAspNetSessionExpiredExceptionOccurs when the ASP.NET session has expired.
Public classBackEventArgsProvides data for the Back event.
Public classBookmarkNavigationEventArgsProvides data for the BookmarkNavigation event.
Public classClientRenderingExceptionRepresents errors that occur when the ReportViewer control is rendering a processed report from report page layout (RPL) format into HTML format.
Public classDataSourceCredentialsRepresents data source credentials.
Public classDataSourceCredentialsCollectionRepresents a collection of DataSourceCredentials objects.
Public classDeviceInfoContains a name-value pair that represents a case insensitive device information setting.
Public classDeviceInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of device information settings.
Public classDocumentMapNavigationEventArgsProvides data for the DocumentMapNavigation event.
Public classDocumentMapNodeRepresents a single node in the document map.
Public classDrillthroughEventArgsProvides data for the Drillthrough event.
Public classInvalidConfigFileTypeExceptionOccurs when an object supplied through an entry in the Web.config file is missing or invalid.
Public classInvalidTemporaryStorageStreamExceptionOccurs when a temporary stream does not support seeking, reading, or writing.
Public classLocalProcessingExceptionRepresents errors that occur while viewing a locally processed report.
Public classLocalReportRepresents a report that is processed and rendered locally without connecting to a report server.
Public classMissingDataSourceCredentialsExceptionRepresents an exception that occurs when credentials have not been supplied for a data source used by a report.
Public classMissingDataSourceExceptionRepresents the error that occurs when a data source expected by the report has not been supplied.
Public classMissingEndpointExceptionRepresents the error that occurs when the SOAP endpoint used by the ReportViewer control could not be accessed.
Public classMissingParameterExceptionRepresents the exception that occurs when a parameter expected by the report has not been supplied.
Public classMissingReportServerConnectionInformationExceptionOccurs when session state is not enabled, and an object implementing IReportServerConnection interface is not supplied through the Web.config file.
Public classMissingReportSourceExceptionRepresents the exception that occurs when no report source has been specified.
Public classPageNavigationEventArgsProvides data for a PageNavigation event.
Public classRenderingExtensionEncapsulates a rendering extension that can be used with the ReportViewer's report.
Public classReportContains methods and properties that can apply to both local and server reports.
Public classReportCredentialsEventArgsProvides data for the SubmittingDataSourceCredentials event.
Public classReportDataSourceRepresents a data source for a report.
Public classReportDataSourceCollectionContains a collection of ReportDataSource objects.
Public classReportDataSourceInfoRepresents information about a report data source.
Public classReportDataSourceInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of ReportDataSourceInfo objects.
Public classReportErrorEventArgsProvides data for the ReportError event.
Public classReportPageSettingsRepresents the page settings for a report.
Public classReportParameterRepresents a parameter for a report.
Public classReportParameterCollectionRepresents a collection of ReportParameter objects.
Public classReportParameterInfoEncapsulates information about report parameters.
Public classReportParameterInfoCollectionA collection of ReportParameterInfo objects.
Public classReportParametersEventArgsProvides data for the SubmittingParameterValues event.
Public classReportSecurityExceptionRepresents the error that occurs when a report contains a security violation.
Public classReportServerExceptionRepresents errors that occur while connecting to a report server and also errors that occur on the report server while processing a server report or rendering the report to the report page layout (RPL) format.
Public classReportViewerEncapsulates the methods and properties used for the ReportViewer control.
Public classReportViewerCookieCollectionRepresents a collection of System.Net.Cookie objects.
Public classReportViewerExceptionRepresents errors that occur while viewing or configuring a report.
Public classReportViewerHeaderCollectionRepresents a collection of strings that contain custom headers.
Public classScriptManagerNotFoundExceptionThe exception that is thrown if a ScriptManager control is not found in the Web form.
Public classSearchEventArgsProvides data for a Search event in the ReportViewer control.
Public classSearchStateContains the search text and the start page of a search operation.
Public classServerReportRepresents a report that is processed on the report server.
Public classSessionDisabledExceptionOccurs when the ASP.NET session has been disabled.
Public classSoapVersionMismatchExceptionRepresents the exception that occurs when the report server version is not compatible with the report control.
Public classSortEventArgsProvides data for the Sort event.
Public classSubreportProcessingEventArgsProvides data for the SubreportProcessing event.
Public classSyncList 
Public classValidValueRepresents a possible valid value for a parameter.
Public classViewStateDisabledExceptionOccurs when the ReportViewer control detects that view state is disabled.
Public classWarningRepresents a list of errors or warnings that are returned when a report is rendered or processed.

Public interfaceIReportServerConnectionProvides report server connection information when the ReportViewer Web forms control is used with no session state.
Public interfaceIReportServerConnection2Provides report server connection information when the ReportViewer Web forms control is used with no session state.
Public interfaceIReportServerCredentialsAllows applications to provide credentials for connecting to a Reporting Services report server.
Public interfaceIReportViewerMessagesAllows applications to provide customized user interface messages.
Public interfaceIReportViewerMessages2Defines methods and properties for implementing customized user interface messages.
Public interfaceIReportViewerMessages3Allows applications to provide customized user interface messages.
Public interfaceITemporaryStorageProvides custom storage for temporary data.

Public delegateBackEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Back event of a ReportViewer.
Public delegateBookmarkNavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the BookmarkNavigation event of a ReportViewer.
Public delegateCreateStreamCallbackProvides a stream to the ReportViewer control for rendering.
Public delegateDocumentMapNavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the DocumentMapNavigation event of a ReportViewer.
Public delegateDrillthroughEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Drillthrough event of a ReportViewer.
Public delegatePageNavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the PageNavigation event of a ReportViewer.
Public delegateReportCredentialsEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle a SubmittingDataSourceCredentials event.
Public delegateReportErrorEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle a ReportError event.
Public delegateReportParametersEventHandlerRepresents the callback method that will handle the SubmittingParameterValues event.
Public delegateSearchEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle a Search event.
Public delegateSortEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Sort event of a ReportViewer.
Public delegateSubreportProcessingEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the SubreportProcessing event of a ReportViewer.

Public enumerationContentDispositionIndicates how the report content should be presented.
Public enumerationInteractivityPostBackModeSpecifies the postback modes of the ReportViewer control when the user interacts with the report viewer and the currently displayed report.
Public enumerationPageCountModeRepresents values that control whether to calculate the actual page count or use an estimate.
Public enumerationParameterDataTypeSpecifies the data type of a parameter.
Public enumerationParameterStateSpecifies the state of a parameter.
Public enumerationProcessingModeUsed to specify the processing mode of the ReportViewer control.
Public enumerationReportAreaContentSpecifies the type of content displayed in the report area.
Public enumerationSeveritySpecifies the severity of a warning.
Public enumerationSortOrderIndicates the direction of a sort operation.
Public enumerationZoomModeSpecifies the zoom mode for the ReportViewer control.