This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Set Contributor Permissions for Reporting Services

Visual Studio 2005

To add a person in the Team Project Contributor role, you must set permissions in Team Foundation Server groups, Windows SharePoint Services groups, and Reporting Services groups. In this topic, you learn how to set permissions in Reporting Services for a Team Project Contributor.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be either a member of the SQL Reporting Services Content Managers group or the SQL Reporting Services Project Content Managers group. For more information about permissions, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To add a member to the Reporting Services Browser group

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

  2. Type the following into the Internet Explorer address bar:

    http:// application-tier /Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx

    where application-tier represents the name of the Team Foundation application-tier server. You can find the name of the report server by opening Team Explorer, expanding the Reports node, and viewing the properties of a report.

  3. Click the Properties tab, and then click New Role Assignment.

  4. In Group or User Name, add the logon name for the person you want to add to this group.

  5. In Role, select Browser, and then click OK.

Besides completing this procedure, you must also grant contributor permissions on Team Foundation Server and Windows SharePoint Services to add a person in the Team Project Contributor role. For more information about these procedures, see How to: Set Contributor Permissions for Team Foundation Server and How to: Set Contributor Permissions for Windows SharePoint Services.

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