This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing SharePoint Sites

When you install Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, you can install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 at the same time, configure Team Foundation Server to use a SharePoint Web application on an existing installation of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, or install Team Foundation Server without SharePoint Products. If you installed Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or specified an existing installation, every time that you create a team project, you will have the option to create a Web site for it on a server that hosts the SharePoint Web application. This type of Web site is called a team project portal, and it provides the team who is working on that project with a single source of data about the status of the project. You can create additional Web sites for use with Team Foundation Server. You can also modify and delete these Web sites for SharePoint Products.


Your version of SharePoint Products might be Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Each version requires different steps to configure and manage Web sites. For more information, see this page on the Microsoft Web site: SharePoint Products and Technologies TechCenter.

Access Site Administration or Central Administration for SharePoint Products

Describes how to access the administrative functions of SharePoint Products.

Create SharePoint Web Applications and Sites for Use with Team Foundation Server

Describes how to create, edit, and delete sites on your server that is running SharePoint Products.

Redirect SharePoint Products to Use a New Content Database

Describes how to add and remove the content database setting for the team project portal after the data-tier server is changed.

How to: Update the Security Identifiers (SIDs) for Accounts That Were Used to Create Projects

Describes how to remove and re-add user accounts in SharePoint Products to update the security identifiers (SIDs) after the application-tier server for Team Foundation has been changed. Such changes might include reinstalling Team Foundation Server and moving the server to a different domain.

Retrieve and Restore Missing Site Templates

Describes how to install site templates on a server that hosts SharePoint Products. You must install site templates before you can create a team project portal.