This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Administering Team Foundation Build

Team Foundation Build administrators create build definitions for building a solution or set of solutions in a distributed environment. Furthermore, build definitions can provide reports, enable testing, and provide other custom settings as covered in Managing Builds with Team Foundation Build.

Additionally, administrators can setup computers that can be designated as build agents.

For an architectural overview on Team Foundation Server, see Team Foundation Build Overview.

Version Compatibility for Team Foundation Build

Discusses compatibility issues between different versions of Team Foundation Build, Team Foundation Server and Team Explorer.

Setting up a Build Computer

This section explains the prerequisites and installation process required for a build agent.

Working with Build Definitions in Team Foundation Build

Lists topics describing how to create, modify, and delete build definitions in Team Foundation Build.

Customizing Team Foundation Build

Discusses how to customize Team Foundation Build using custom build tasks.

Troubleshooting Team Foundation Build

Lists topics that describe troubleshooting information for specific Team Foundation Build issues.

Team Foundation Build Walkthroughs

Lists walkthroughs that explore creating team build definitions, running build definitions, and viewing build reports.

Managing Builds with Team Foundation Build

Contains topics for users of Team Foundation Build including running build definitions, using the Build Explorer and build reports.

Team Foundation Administration Walkthroughs

Shows how to set up and administer your Team Foundation Server.