This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Planning for Work Item Migration

Before you migrate work items from ClearQuest to Team Foundation work item tracking, you have to consider the following:

  • Install the software required to run the converter.

  • Assemble the information that is required in order to complete the migration.

  • Schedule the migration.

  • Prepare Team Foundation for the migration.

These steps are explained in more detail in the following sections.

Installing the Software Required to Run the Converter

Before you can migrate your ClearQuest work items to Team Foundation work item tracking, you need the following software installed on the computer where you plan to run the converter:

  • Team Explorer   For more information about how to install Team Explorer, see the Team Foundation Installation Guide. The latest version of the Team Foundation Installation Guide is available online at

  • ClearQuest Standalone client Version 2003.06.00.


    Versions 2002.05.20 and 2003.05.00 may also work, but have not been tested.

Assemble Information Necessary to Complete the Migration

You have to assemble a list of:

  • How you want the user names in ClearQuest mapped to Windows domain names used by Team Foundation work item tracking, including user names that are no longer in use.

  • A list of how you want the work item fields in ClearQuest mapped to Team Foundation work item tracking, including information on required transformations; for example, between a string field in ClearQuest and integer field in Team Foundation work item tracking.

Schedule the Migration

Schedule a time when you can ask the users not to use ClearQuest. This makes sure that changes performed when the converter is running are not lost. Weekends are frequently a good time to schedule migration because migration of large databases can take a long time. A typical migration rate for the converter is about 3500 work items per hour. The time that is required for migration depends on many factors such as attachment size, number of referenced entities, and configuration of the computer that is used for conversion.

Prepare Team Foundation Work Item Tracking for the Migration

To prepare Team Foundation work item tracking for migration, you have to do the following:

  • Create Team Foundation Work Item Tracking team projects   Create team projects and decide which work items go into what team project. For more information about how to create Team Foundation work item tracking team projects, see Walkthrough: Creating a New Team Project.

  • Add the user account running the convert to the Service Accounts   The CQConverter required service account permissions to run. Add the user account that will run the converter to the Service Accounts group on your Team Foundation Server by using the TFSSecurity. For more information, see TFSSecurity Command-Line Utility Commands.

  • You may also want to create or edit work item types   The converter generates work item types matching the schema of work item types in ClearQuest during the analysis phase. However these generated work item types frequently require edits to add functionality such as rules. At minimum you have to change the generated work item form to specify the visual layout for fields because the generated form lacks visual formatting. For more information, see Walkthrough: Make Basic Customizations to a Work Item Type.

In This Section

How to: Edit the Schema Map File

Explains how to specify which files are used in work item migration by editing the Schemamap.xml file.

How to: Generate the Converter Configuration File

Explains how to create the XML file that provides settings information for the ClearQuest database you want to migrate.

Field Map Files, Value Map, and Default Values

Provides links to topics that explain how to specify how field in ClearQuest are mapped to fields in Team Foundation.

The Work Item Converter Configuration File

Provides additional information about the converter configuration file.

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