How to: Migrate Work Items to an Existing Database in Team Foundation

The converter provides the flexibility of mapping the fields from the source work item tracking system to Team Foundation work item tracking using the field mapping and user mapping files.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Service Accounts security group. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions. Also, you must have the Super User permission for the ClearQuest database. For more information, see the ClearQuest Administrator's Guide.

To migrate data to an existing Team Foundation work item type

  1. Run the converter with the analysis command to generate the mapping and schema map files. This step generates all the work item type definition (WITD) files, the schema map file, field mapping files, and the user mapping file.

    CQConverter /c:analyze /m:cqconverterconfig.xml


    The generated WITD files capture the work item type schema from the ClearQuest database. Because you are migrating to existing work item types, you do not use the generated WITD files during migration. Do not delete them however, because you need them later to complete this procedure.

  2. Change the schema map file to specify the target work item types for the work item types that you want migrated.

  3. If you are migrating to work item types that are already in Team Foundation work item tracking, leave the WITDFile file attribute as is; the converter does not provision the work item type if the item is already present in Team Foundation work item tracking.

    If you are migrating to work item types that have not been created in Team Foundation work item tracking, but you have already created WITD files, change the WITDFile file attribute to point to these files. Make sure that you specify the complete path of the files. The converter then provisions the work item types specified in the WITD files during the migration phase.

  4. Change the field mapping files to specify the field mappings to the Team Foundation work item tracking work item types. The generated field mapping files contain field names from the converter-generated schemas. Because you are using your own work item type for those field mappings, you have to provide the mappings to your Team Foundation work item tracking work item fields. For description of field mapping files, see Field Map Files, Value Map, and Default Values.

    If there are fields that you do not want to migrate, you can safely delete the mappings for those fields.

  5. Change the user mapping file, if it is required, as described in How to: Edit the User Map File.

  6. Run the converter with the migrate command to migrate the data.

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