This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Adding and Removing Users To and From Groups

You can add and remove users and groups from project-level groups and collection-level groups so that they have appropriate access to the information and resources of a team project or team project collection. You must maintain the membership of those groups so that they provide access to the users whose work requires that access, while protecting your projects and data from access by those who are not working on those projects.

Wherever possible, add users to default or custom groups within a team project collection, and not directly to a project or collection. Adding users to groups makes managing their permissions much simpler than if you add them directly. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.


It might take a few minutes for new membership in a group to propagate to an individual user account.

When adding or removing users from a group, make sure to check what other groups they already belong to, and what the permissions are for the group to which you are adding or removing them. By changing a user's membership in a group, you can inadvertently grant them more permissions than are required for their daily work, or remove permissions that they need in order to perform their tasks.


If you add users to groups in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, the users are not added to any groups that support this project in SQL Server Reporting Services or SharePoint Products. You must manually add users to those products also. For more information, see Add Users to Team Projects.