This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Sample: Using an RSS Feed in ReportViewer

Visual Studio 2008

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The RSSNewsReader sample is a Windows form application that retrieves data from live news feeds and presents that data in a report. The report demonstrates how to use parameters to filter the dataset.

This sample is available in Visual C#. To copy all of the sample files to your computer, click the Disk button at the top of the page. To view a single file, select the file name and click the View button. Not all of the sample files can be viewed directly from this page. Sample files that are located in folders do not appear in the list. For more information about other samples and developer walkthroughs, see Samples and Walkthroughs.

To run the sample

  1. Open RSSNewsReader.sln in Visual Studio 2008.

  2. Press F5 to compile and run the sample.

  3. In the report, select a news reader and then click Load.


You must have an Internet connection to run this sample.


  1. Creation of client report definition (.rdlc) files that include parameters.

  2. Creation of a ReportViewer control that runs reports from within a Windows form.

  3. Use of the ReportRefresh method and LocalReport property of the ReportViewer class.

  4. Use of the SetParameters method of the LocalReport class.

  5. Use of the ReportParameter class.