This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Browser Support for ReportViewer Web Server Controls

The ReportViewer Web server control is used to embed report functionality in an ASP.NET Web application. The type of browser used to view the application determines the kind of functionality that you can provide in a report. Use the table provided in this topic to find out which of the supported browsers are subject to report functionality restrictions.

Because report definitions support a free-form layout, some reports might include a combination of items that do not work as expected in all supported browsers. Before deploying a report, always test it in the browsers you plan to support.

Scripting Requirements

You must use a browser that has script support enabled. If the browser cannot run scripts, you cannot use interactive report features or view the report.

Browser Requirements and Recommendations for Viewing Reports

Support for interactive report features varies by browser type. The following browser types are supported, subject to constraints noted in the Description column.

Browser type Description

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later with all service packs applied and scripting enabled.

Internet Explorer is recommended if you want to use all of the available functionality. Although you can use other browsers to view a report, Internet Explorer is the only browser that is guaranteed to support the complete set of features used for working with reports.

Netscape 7.2, Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 1.0.3, Safari 1.3, and Safari 2.0

The following features are not supported in third-party browsers:

  • Document map

  • Searching within the report

  • Zoom

  • Fixed table headers

  • The progress indicator for report processing (a green spinning wheel) is not available for server reports, or for locally processed reports that are configured for asynchronous processing.

The following additional features are not available when viewing reports in Safari:

  • The Calendar control that is used to select dates on a parameterized report that runs on a report server is disabled for Safari. Users must type the dates that they want to use.

  • Image source files that are retrieved from remote computers do not display correctly in Safari.

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