This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Source Control Tab, Choose Location/Open Web Site Dialog Box

The Source Control Tab, Choose Location/Open Web Site dialog box enables you to create a new Web site under source control, or to download an existing project under source control as a Web site project.

To access the dialog box, you must have source control software, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe installed on you computer, and you must have access to an existing Web site in source control.

To enable source control in Visual Studio .NET

  1. In Visual Studio, click Tools and then click Options.

    The Options window opens.

  2. Expand the Source Control node and then click Plug-in Selection.


    If you do not see the Source Control node, select the Show all settings option below the list of nodes.

  3. In the Current source control plug-in drop-down list, select your source-control software.

  4. Optionally, configure other settings in the Environment and Plug-in Settings nodes, and then click OK.

To access this dialog box when opening a Web site

  1. In Visual Studio, click File, and then click Open Web Site.

    The Open Web Site window opens.

  2. Click the Source Control tab.

    If your source-control project includes a Visual Studio solution file, you can also open your Web site doing the following: click File, click Source Control, and then click Open from Source Control.

After you have opened a project from source control, you can perform many source-control tasks, such as checking files in and out, by right-clicking the project name in Solution Explorer, or by clicking File and then clicking Source Control.

For information about using source control in Visual Web Developer, see Web Site Source Control Overview.

Select Source Control Project

Click this button to open the Create local project from SourceSafe window.

If you use Visual SourceSafe as your source-control mechanism, clicking the Select Source Control Project button opens a Visual SourceSafe Login window where you must enter a user name, password, and project database. After logging in, the Create local project from SourceSafe window opens.

Create local project from SourceSafe

Select items for the following settings:

  • Source control project to download

    Select the project to download from the source-control mechanism. If you have opened the project on your computer before, then selecting the project will populate the Create a new project in the folder text box.

  • Create a new project in the folder

    Specify and local folder in which to copy files from source control.

Web settings

Select from the following Web settings:

  • Save to local folder

    Select a local folder in which to save your project settings. This text box is populated from the previous Create a new project in the folder text box.

  • Run as IIS Web site

    Optionally, select a URL on which to run the project files if you choose to run the project as an Internet Information Services (IIS) Web site. If you do not select this check box, the Web site will run as a file-system Web site.