Item Editor Dialog Box (Menu Control)

Allows you to create and edit individual members of a Menu control. For each new item you add, a Menu object is inserted in the Menu control.

To access this dialog box

  1. In Microsoft Visual Web Developer, create or open an existing ASP.NET page.

  2. Switch to Design view.

  3. From the Navigation tab of the Toolbox, drag a Menu control onto the page.

  4. Right-click the control and click Show Smart Tag.

    The Menu Tasks window is displayed.

  5. Click Edit Menu Items.


    The Edit Menu Items option will not be available if a data source has been selected for the Menu control.


Displays the currently defined items for the Menu control in a tree structure. You can use this pane to add and move menu items. Above the tree structure are buttons that are not labeled unless you position the mouse pointer over them. These buttons allow you to do the following things:

  • Add a root item.

  • Add a child item in relation to the selected item.

  • Remove an item.

  • Move the item up or down amongst its siblings.

  • Make the selected item a child or parent of its sibling.

To edit a specific member, select it in this list and use the Properties grid on the right side to make changes.


Displays the properties you can edit for the currently selected member.

When you select a property, a description of the property appears in the text field below the Properties grid.

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