DataBindings Editor Dialog Box (TreeView or Menu Control)

The DataBindings Editor dialog box displays a list of properties for the TreeView or Menu control, and allows you to specify or override the data source properties for individual items in a control.

To open the DataBindings Editor dialog box

  1. In Visual Web Developer, create or open an existing .aspx page and switch to Design view.

  2. From the Navigation group of the Toolbox, drag a TreeView or Menu control onto the page.

  3. Right-click the control and click Show Smart Tag.

    The Tasks window is displayed for the control.

  4. Configure a data source for the control. The DataBindings Editor dialog box is not available unless a data source is configured. For more information, see Binding to Hierarchical Data.

  5. In the Tasks window for the control, click Edit TreeNode Databindings (TreeView control) or Edit MenuItem Databindings (Menu control).

    The TreeView DataBindings Editor dialog box opens (TreeView control), or the MenuItem DataBindings Editor dialog box opens (Menu control).

Available data bindings

Displays a list of data objects to which the control can be bound. To add one of these to your control, select an object and click the Add button.

Selected data bindings

Displays a list of data objects that you have added to your control. To configure the data binding properties of an object, select it and then set properties in the Data binding properties grid.

Data binding properties

Displays a list of all of the properties for the selected object in the control that can be bound to data. For example, you can specify the depth of the node in the hierarchy of the control, or the URL that the node maps to.

The properties that are displayed depend on which control is being edited.

Auto-generate data bindings

Specifies whether you want the data-binding properties automatically configured. For example, if you have a TreeView control that is bound to a site-map data source, the TreeView control automatically displays nodes from the site map in the hierarchical structure defined in the site map.


This check box is only available in the TreeView DataBindings Editor dialog box.

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