This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Customizing Project and Item Templates

After project and item templates have been created, you still have the ability to customize them to meet your needs. The following links provide information about the different ways that you can customize Visual Studio project and item templates.

How to: Update Existing Templates

Explains how to customize existing templates.

How to: Substitute Parameters in a Template

Explains how to use parameters in templates.

How to: Pass Custom Parameters to Templates

Explains how to use custom parameters in templates.

How to: Launch Specific Files When Opening Templates

Explains how to open specific files when a template is instantiated.

How to: Manually Change the Template Icon

Explains how to change the icon associated with a template.

How to: Change Template Compiler Options

Explains how to change the compiler options in a project template.

How to: Troubleshoot Templates

Describes how to troubleshoot problems with templates.

How to: Use Wizards with Project Templates

Explains how to customize the wizards that create projects from templates.

Templates with Multiple IWizard Implementations

Describes how wizards can now have call multiple IWizard implementations to further extend their functionality.