Select a Certificate Dialog Box

This dialog box shows the certificates in your computer's Windows certificate store. You can select one of these certificates to sign your application and deployment manifests.

To access this dialog box, select a project node in Solution Explorer, then on the Project menu, click Properties. When the Project Designer appears, click the Signing tab. On the Signing page, click the Select from Store button.

Select a certificate to sign your ClickOnce manifests

Select a certificate from the list box. Certificates in your Windows personal certificate store that are currently valid (not expired) and that have private keys are displayed here with a summary of the certificate information in tabular form: Issued to, Issued by, Intended purposes, Friendly name, Expiration date, and Location. The purpose of the certificate you select should include code signing.

View Certificate

Click this button to view detailed information on the certificate, including its certification path, certificate status (whether it is trusted or not), and a full list of X.509 fields.

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