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Community (How Do I for General Development) 

Visual Studio 2005

Use this page to locate basic information about downloading and installing community components such as project items and custom controls, as well as about sharing information with other developers. When viewing any of the topics listed below, you can locate related topics by clicking the Sync with Table of Contents button and then browsing the resulting part of the table of contents.

Community Component Essentials

Learn what community components are and find out how to locate and install them.

How to: Use a Starter Kit to Create a New Project

Learn how to find and install custom project templates.

How to: Add Items Using Online Item Templates

Learn how to find and install custom project items.

How to: Add Online Controls to the Toolbox

Learn how to find and install custom controls.

How to: Search for Code Snippets Online

Learn how to find and install custom code snippets for use in the editor.

How to: Install Community Components

Learn how to install community components downloaded from the Web or received from other developers.

How to: Get Involved in the Developer Community

Learn how to use newsgroups, forums, and Web sites to interact with other developers.

How to: Include Online Content in Search and F1 Help Results

Learn how to include MSDN Online and Codewise Community content in Help searches.

How to: Send Feedback about Visual Studio

Learn about the various ways to let Microsoft know about issues in the product and to make feature requests.

How to: Send Feedback on Help

Learn about the best method for providing feedback about the product documentation.

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