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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Designing Web Services Walkthroughs

This section provides a series of walkthroughs related to designing Web services in the Distributed System Designers.

Walkthrough: Designing a Web Service

Explains how to define operations on a Web service application, generate the project and code files for the Web service, add an external Web service (Web service outside of the solution), view operations on the external Web service, and connect this Web service to other applications.

Walkthrough: Contract Driven Web Service Design - Creating an Endpoint

Building on Walkthrough: Designing a Web Service, this topic describes how to create a Web service endpoint from an existing WSDL file.

Walkthrough: Creating Substitutable Web Services

Building on Walkthrough: Designing a Web Service, this topic explains how to create a duplicate (from a specification standpoint) of a Web service using copy and paste.

Walkthrough: Representing Indirect Web Service Connections

Demonstrates how to represent Web services that act as facades for business functions implemented in class libraries.