This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Understanding the History Window

Team Foundation maintains historical data for every version of every item that has ever been checked into the version control server. The History window displays the historical data associated with files. The History window is accessed through Solution Explorer, Source Control Explorer, or the command line by using the History Command. For more information, see How to: View Historical Data. The Historical data tracked in these changesets includes the following data:

  • Changeset   The changeset number in which this version was checked in.

  • Change   The type of change that took place for the changesets, for example "edit" or "add."

  • User   The name of the user who checked in that particular version.

  • Date   The date and time stamp associated with the changesets.

  • Comment   If the user who performed the check-in on the changesets added any comments, they will be displayed.

Use the History window context-menu to accomplish the following tasks: