Defining and Customizing Work Item Workflow

You control the workflow of a work item by defining its initial state, its valid states, the valid transitions between those states, and the users or groups that have permission to perform those transitions.

Designing the Workflow

Introduces the concepts of states, state transitions, and reasons for state transitions. You define states, transitions, and reasons in the <WORKFLOW> section of the work item type definition.

Changing the Workflow of a Work Item Type

Describes how to change the workflow of a work item type by modifying the work item type XML file.

Restricting State Transitions

Shows how to help secure work item state transitions by defining valid transitions, and how to refine those transitions by using the for and not attributes.

When and Where to Apply a Field Rule

Describes how to scope a field rule to a work item type, to a state, to a transition, or to a reason.

Automating Field Assignments Based on State, Transition, or Reason

Describes how to transition work items from state to state based on external events.

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