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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Process Template Architecture

There are three key pieces to the process template architecture: process template plug-ins, the New Team Project Wizard, and XML process definition files.

Process Template Plug-ins

Process template plug-ins are components that run when a new team project is created. A plug-in sets up required files or configures data for its area. For example, the Work Item Tracking plug-in sets up work item types, queries, and initial work items for a new team project.

Microsoft provides the plug-ins with Visual Studio Team System described in the following table.

Process Template Plug-in Description


Defines a team project's initial iterations and areas.

Groups and Permissions

Defines a team project's initial security groups and their permissions.

Windows SharePoint Services

Defines the project portal for the team based on a SharePoint site template. Also defines template files and process guidance.

Work Item Tracking

Defines a team project's initial work item types, queries, and work item instances.


Defines a team project's initial reports and sets up the report site.

Version Control

Defines a team project's initial version control security permissions, and check-in notes.

New Team Project Wizard

The New Team Project Wizard is used by project leads to create new team projects. Which screens are displayed in the wizard are determined by which plug-ins are used. For example, if a process template does not include the Windows SharePoint Services plug-in, there is no screen presented to ask the project lead for information about the project portal.

After the project lead finishes the wizard and clicks Finish, the wizard makes calls to the plug-ins to perform the work of creating the team project. The order in which the plug-ins are called is determined by the XML process definition files.

XML Process Definition Files

The XML process definition files are a set of XML files that define a set of tasks that must run to correctly configure a new team project for the process. When the New Team Project Wizard creates a team project, it runs the required plug-ins. Each plug-in reads its corresponding XML process definition file to obtain the list of tasks it must run. By using the XML process definition files, you specify what configurations and settings the plug-ins must implement.

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