This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Team Foundation Builds in Team Explorer

The Builds node in Team Explorer provides a tree view of the various types of build definitions in your team project. Double-clicking the individual build definition opens the description of the build in the Build Explorer. Right-clicking the Builds node displays a series of commands that either launches the Build Definition dialog box, Manage Build Agents dialog box, Queue Build dialog box, Edit Build Qualities dialog box, or opens a build report.

How to: Create a Build Definition

Explains how to select the solutions to build, the steps in the build process, and the drop location.

How to: Queue or Start a Build Definition

Explains how to execute a public build using the pre-defined build settings in a build definition.

How to: View Build Summary Status

Explains how to find the list of all completed and in-progress builds, and then view an individual build report.