How to: View Test Runs Started Using a Test Agent Controller

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You can start a test run for automated tests using a test agent controller and then view the status of those runs. For more information, see How to: Run a Test Using Test Agent Controllers and Test Agents.

To view test runs started using a test agent controller, use the Test Run window. The Test Run window has the following columns, which correspond to the test run functions:

Test Run Name

Lists Active Runs, Queued Runs, and Completed Runs. You can expand each of these groupings.


Lists the state of the test run:

  • In Progress

  • Idle

  • Passed


Lists the user who submitted the run.

Symbols are used in the Test Run window to indicate the status of a run. Depending on the state, you can resume, pause, stop, or delete a run.

Note Note

Depending on the results, you might want to save the results of a run. To save the results, you must first export them. For more information, see How to: Export Test Results.

To view a test run started using a test agent controller

  1. On the Test menu, click Windows and then click Test Run.

  2. In the Test Run window, select the controller on which you ran your tests from the Select list.

  3. Click Connect.

    You can now view the active, queued, and completed runs on that controller. You can also start and stop runs.

  4. Double-click the run to display the Test Results window and view the results of a completed run.

  5. Double-click the particular test in the Test Results window to view the test results.