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Creating and Managing Team Projects

As a team project manager or lead, you are responsible for creating a team project and ensuring that the team meets its objectives. This section presents the information you need to know to plan, create, customize, and manage a team project.

In This Section

Planning a Team Project

Describes the factors and questions that enter into the decision of when to create a new team project and what to include within the project.

Creating a Team Project

Describes the process for creating a new team project and provides links to procedural topics.

Sharing Team Project Resources

Identifies which team project resources can be shared directly or indirectly.

Dividing a Team Project

Describes the process for dividing one team project into two or more team projects.

Merging Two Team Projects

Describes the process for merging two team projects into a single team project.

Customizing a Team Project

Identifies the aspects of a team project that can be customized after the team project has been created.

Configuring Team Projects with Team Explorer

Describes the ways to configure a team project using the nodes, commands, and settings in Team Explorer.

Working Across Team Projects as a Project Lead

Describes the processes for working on, monitoring, or managing two or more team projects simultaneously.

Moving a Team Project from One Version to the Next

Describes the process for creating a new team project based on the configuration and settings of an existing team project (for example, when you are creating a new team project for the next version of a software product).

Using Reporting and Metrics for Team System

Describes the various reports and data sources available for monitoring or managing a team project.

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