This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

V (Visual Studio ALM Glossary)

This glossary defines key terms that are used in the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Help.


Custom code that you can write to check a model for valid data and consistency between its elements. The domain-specific language framework also uses built-in constraints to validate models.

validation test

A test that ensures that the functionality called for in a scenario or quality of service requirement is working.


A measure of the work accomplished per unit of time, for example, iteration.

velocity report

A report that provides a measure of the rate of work accomplished per iteration unit of time, for example, iteration.


The status of an item in source control that reflects one or more changes from a previous form. The greater the version number, the more recent the version.

version control

The establishment and maintenance of baselines and the identification of changes to baselines that make it possible to return to the previous baseline.

virtual environment

An environment composed entirely of virtual machines.

virtual machine

A computer within a computer, implemented in software. A virtual machine emulates a complete hardware system, from processor to network card, in a self-contained, isolated software environment, enabling the simultaneous operation of otherwise incompatible operating systems. Each operating system runs in its own isolated software partition.

Virtual Machine Manager

Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) enables enterprise-wide management of virtual machines.

Virtual Machine Manager agent

Software that is installed on either a virtual machine host or a library server, which enables Virtual Machine Manager to monitor and manage hosts, virtual machines, and library resources. An agent is also installed on the source machine during a physical-to-virtual machine conversion.

vision statement

A short statement outlining the project vision, describing the value proposition, the stakeholders, and the driving factors.


See Virtual Machine Manager


Any weakness, administrative process or act, or physical exposure that makes a computer susceptible to exploit by a threat.