Team Foundation Build (How Do I in Team Foundation)

This page links to help on widely used Team Foundation Build tasks. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Team Foundation.

Team Foundation Build Overview

Provides a conceptual overview of Team Foundation Build.

Team Foundation Build Warnings and Errors

Explains warning and error messages that can be generated by Team Foundation Build.

Troubleshooting Team Foundation Build

Provides links to how to troubleshoot specific aspects of Team Foundation Build.

How to: Create a Build Definition

Describes how to create a build definition that is used to run builds.

Using Test Lists

Describes how to run build verification tests as part of a build.

How to: Delete a Build Definition

Describes how to delete a build.

How to: Set Build Quality

Describes how to set quality status (such as rejected, or released) on a build.

How to: Create or Remove Build Qualities

Describes how to create custom build quality states that you can use to report status on each build.

Walkthrough: Running a Build Definition in Team Foundation Build

Describes how to start a build from a specific build definition.

How to: Queue or Start a Build Definition

Describes how to run a build from a build definition.

How to: Build Team Projects on a Desktop

Describes how to run a build locally on your own computer.

How to: View a Build Report

Describes how to find and view a build report after a build runs.

How to: Isolate Bugs Generated in a Build

Describes how to find work items created when a build has errors.

How to: View Build Summary Status

Describes how to use the Build Explorer to view build summary status.

How to: Monitor Build Progress

Describes how to monitor a build that is in progress using the Build Explorer or build reports.

How to: Receive Build Notification E-Mail

Describes how to set up e-mail notification on builds.

Walkthrough: Viewing Team Build Report Results

Describes how to view summary status, the detailed build report, the log file, and built binaries after a build runs.

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