Troubleshooting Extensibility Issues
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Troubleshooting Extensibility Issues 

This topic describes issues that might occur when you extend Distributed System Designers.

The following issues might occur when you create custom prototypes.

Permission Requirements

If you are running Visual Studio on Windows XP, you must have at least Power User permissions to create custom prototypes in Distributed System Designers.

If you are running Visual Studio on Windows Vista, you must run Visual Studio as an administrator. For more information, see How to: Create Custom Prototypes from Configured Applications and Endpoints and How to: Create Custom Prototypes from Configured Zones and Logical Servers.

Default Application or Logical Server Name Does Not Match that Specified in DefaultRootName Property

When you use the System Definition Model (SDM) Software Development Kit (SDK) to create a custom prototype, Visual Studio might not use the name that was specified by the DefaultRootName property in the SDM design data as the default name for applications and logical servers on the diagram surface. Instead, their shapes display the name "Application1" or "GenericServer1".

To work around this issue, follow these steps.

To change the default name

  1. After you use protogen.exe to generate the initial prototype, install the prototype.

  2. Open the appropriate designer and drag the prototype from the Toolbox to the diagram surface.

    The corresponding shape appears on the diagram.

  3. Rename the shape on the diagram with the default name that you want.

  4. Create a prototype from the renamed shape.


    Remember the location where you saved the prototype.

  5. Distribute the renamed prototype.

For more information, see the following topics:

To install custom prototypes created in Distributed System Designers or from the SDM SDK, you must have administrator permissions to add the appropriate registry keys for those prototypes.

If you add or remove .sdmdocument files for prototypes created from the SDM SDK, and you update the registry to reflect those changes, Visual Studio does not refresh these files if you only close and reopen a designer. It uses the files from the cache instead.

To resolve this issue, close and reopen Visual Studio to refresh the .sdmdocument files loaded by Visual Studio.


Visual Studio loads .sdmdocument files when you first open Visual Studio. When you first open a Distributed System Designer, Visual Studio saves these files to the cache. For more information, see How to: Install New Custom Prototypes in the Toolbox.

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