This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Defining Web Services on ASP.NET Applications

In Application Designer and System Designer, you can define Web service behavior exposed by ASP.NET applications, such as operations, SOAP messages, WSDL files, and so on.

Defining Operations for ASP.NET Web Services

Contains topics about defining, reviewing, and editing operations and parameters for Web services on ASP.NET applications.

How to: Configure SOAP Messages for ASP.NET Web Services

Describes how to control the SOAP messages used to communicate between ASP.NET Web services and their consumer applications.

Configuring WSDL File Generation for ASP.NET Web Services

Contains topics about configuring WSDL file generation for ASP.NET Web services.

Overview of ASP.NET Applications on Application Diagrams

Provides an overview of ASP.NET applications that can provide Web services or represent access to Web content.

How to: Locate WSDL Files for Web Services

Describes how to specify a WSDL file or location to add a Web service to an application, an external Web service, or a BizTalk Web service.

How to: Substitute Web Services on Application Diagrams

Describes how to replace one application that defines a Web service with another.

Referencing Class Libraries from Applications on Application Diagrams

Contains topics about updating Web references to connected Web services, issues surrounding custom Web service proxy classes, and moving Web references and custom proxy classes into class libraries.