This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ActiveX Control Test Container (tstcon32.exe) 

Visual Studio 2005

ActiveX Control Test Container helps you to test ActiveX controls by changing their properties, invoking their methods, and firing their events.


The appearance of features in the IDE can depend on your active settings or edition, and might differ from those described in Help. To change your settings, choose Import and Export Settings on the Tools menu. For more information, see Visual Studio Settings.

To run tstcon32.exe from the IDE

  • On the Tools menu, click ActiveX Control Test Container. The ActiveX Control Test Container tool appears.

ActiveX Control Test Container can display logs of events and data-binding notifications. It also provides facilities to test a control’s persistence by letting you save properties to a property bag, to a stream, or to a storage.

You can also use Visual Basic Scripting Edition to automate your use of ActiveX Control Test Container.

You can modify the default features that the container implements. You can also select which optional features the container implements. For example, you can specify that the container support windowless controls. This ensures that your control will work in a variety of containers.

For additional information about using ActiveX Control Test Container, including information on its user interface, use the help file that accompanies the test container. You can open help from the Help menu, and by using the context sensitive help (pressing the F1 key) in the user interface.