We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

General Samples

This page contains links to samples that work with all versions of Visual C++.

BirthdayPicker Sample: Demonstrates .NET Framework Resources with Windows Forms

Shows how the .NET Framework resource mechanism can be used in C++ applications. It also demonstrates some common Window Forms components.

Calculator Sample: Windows Forms Pocket Calculator

Implements a simple pocket calculator using C++ and the .NET Framework Windows Forms classes.

ccWrapper Sample: Demonstrates How to Map C/C++ Compiler Flags from Other Compilers to Visual C++

Demonstrates how to map C/C++ compiler flags from other compilers to Visual C++.

COMEXCEL Sample: Demonstrates an Automation Client Application with Compiler COM Support

A standalone Automation client that creates a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and generates a pie chart of the data stored on that spreadsheet.

COMMAIL Sample: Demonstrates an Automation Client Application with Compiler COM Support

Demonstrates an Automation client application with MAPI for Microsoft Exchange (or Outlook) and compiler COM support.

CppLangFeat Sample: Language Features Overview

This sample demonstrates key concepts of new features in C++.

CPUID Sample: Determines CPU Capabilities

Determines the capabilities of the CPU being run.

crt_dbg1 Sample: C Run-Time Basic Debugging Features

Illustrates the basic debugging features of the C run-time libraries.

crt_dbg2 Sample: C Run-Time Debugging Hook Functions

Demonstrates the C run-time debugging hook functions.

Data Sample: Demonstrates Simple Access to a SQL Database

Demonstrates a simple query from an existing SQL database using the console.

dfacobjs Sample: C Run-Time _CrtDoForAllClientObjects Function

Shows how to use the _CrtDoForAllClientObjects C run-time function to iterate through a linked list of client objects.

EEAddIn Sample: Debugging Expression Evaluator Add-In

Uses the Expression Evaluator Add-In API to extend the native debugger expression evaluator.

FREETHRD Sample: Multithreaded Client and Free-Threaded Server with Compiler COM Support

Demonstrates a multithreaded client and free-threaded server with compiler COM support.

report Sample: C Run-Time Debugging Report Functions

Illustrates the C run-time debugging report functions.

RTC Sample: Run-Time Error Checks

Demonstrates the run-time error checks feature.

SatDLL Sample: Implements Multilingual Resources in a Win32 Application

Demonstrates a recommended way to implement multilingual resources in a Win32 application.

Scribble Sample: MDI Drawing Application

Demonstrates how to develop a Windows Forms MDI application using C++ and the .NET Framework classes.

ScribbleDotNET Sample: Extending Scribble with CLR Features

A collection of samples based on the classic Scribble sample, updated and extended to include new .NET functionality.

SecureCRT Sample: Converting Deprecated CRT Functions to their _s Counterparts

This sample demonstrates how to upgrade code that used deprecated CRT functions to increase code security.

StlClrLibrary Sample: Demonstrates STL/CLR Capabilities

Demonstrates some of the capabilities available when using the STL/CLR Library.

Unires Sample: Demonstrates the Use of Unicode Resource Files

Demonstrates the use of Unicode resource files.

YukonCLR Sample: Upgrading Stored Procedures to Work with SQL Server 2005

This sample demonstrates how to leverage an existing extended stored procedure and how to use C++ for developing CLR code.