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Visual C++ Guided Tour 

There are several topics that introduce the different types of projects you can create with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005.

In This Section

How to: Compile a Native C++ Program from the Command Line

Creates a simple C++ program with a text editor and compiles it on the command line.

How to: Compile a C++ Program that Targets the CLR in Visual Studio

Creates a Visual C++ program with .NET classes and compiles it using the Visual Studio Development Environment.

How to: Compile a Code Example from the Help Topics

Describes how to locate sample Visual C++ programs in the help topics and how to compile and run them.

How to: Create a Standard C++ Program

In this procedure you can type in your own C++ program or use one of the sample programs.

How to: Create a Windows Forms Application

Creates a Windows Forms application using standard controls from the Toolbox.

How to: Convert Between Various String Types

Describes how to convert various Visual C++ strings from one type to another.

How to: Use Visual C++ Express Edition with the Microsoft Platform SDK

Details how to install the Microsoft Platform SDK for use in building Win32 application using Visual C++ Express Edition.

Walkthrough: Using the Visual Studio IDE

Creates a new standard C++ program and tests it functionality using Visual Studio.

Walkthrough: Creating a Windows Forms Control

Creates a Windows Forms control and an application to test it.

Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Managed Assembly

Creates a managed assembly and an application that references the assembly.

Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Dynamic Link Library

Creates a dynamic link library and an application that references the DLL.

Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Static Library

Creates a static library and an application that references it.

Introduction to Visual C++ for UNIX Users

Provides information for UNIX users who are new to Visual C++.


Visual C++ Reference

Provides information on the C and C++ languages as well as the various libraries they incorporate.

.NET Framework Class Library

Provides information on all the interfaces and types that are included in the .NET Framework.

C++/CLI Language Specification Standard

The Ecma specification of the C++/CLI language.

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Programming Guide

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Building a C/C++ Program

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