Compiler Error C3797


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override': event declaration cannot have override specifier (should be placed on event add/remove/raise methods instead)

You cannot override a trivial event (an event without explicitly defined accessor methods) with another trivial event. The overriding event must define its behavior with accessor functions.

For more information, see event.

The following sample generates C3797.

// C3797.cpp  
// compile with: /clr /c  
delegate void MyDel();  
ref class Class1 {  
   virtual event MyDel ^ E;  
ref class Class2 : public Class1 {  
   virtual event MyDel ^ E override;   // C3797  
// OK  
ref class Class3 : public Class1 {  
   virtual event MyDel ^ E {  
      void add(MyDel ^ d) override {}  
      void remove(MyDel ^ d) override {}