This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugging, Testing, and Deployment (How Do I in Visual C++)

This page links to help on tasks related to debugging, testing, and deployment using Visual C++. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I in Visual C++.

Walkthrough: Debugging an XML Web Service

Shows how you debug an XML Web service.

Debugging Preparation: Windows Forms Applications

Discusses how to debug a Windows Forms application.

Making an Image Easier to Debug

Describes how to simplify debugging of managed code.

Runtime Profiling

Discusses ways of gathering information about application performance.

Debugging and Profiling Applications

Discusses techniques for debugging and profiling applications using various tools available to developers.

Enabling Profiling

Describes how to enable profiling.

Deployment (C++)

Discusses the two different technologies for deploying Windows applications: ClickOnce deployment or Windows Installer deployment.

Deployment Concepts

Discusses the main considerations for deploying Visual C++ applications.

Deployment Examples

Contains examples demonstrating how to deploy Visual C++ applications built with Visual Studio.

Version Checking of Redistributable Files

Demonstrates one method of checking between two dynamic libraries or executables.

ClickOnce Deployment for Visual C++ Applications

Describes the tools available for using ClickOnce with Visual C++.

Running a C++ /clr Application on a Previous Runtime Version

Describes how to make your application run on a different runtime than it was built with.

How to: Deploy a Setup and Deployment Project

Focuses on a Setup and Deployment Project project type.

How to: Deploy using XCopy

Demonstrates how to deploy applications by copying application files from one computer to another.