Project Behavior for Visual Basic 6.0 Users
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Project Behavior for Visual Basic 6.0 Users 

Projects in Visual Basic 2005 are similar to projects in Visual Basic 6.0. However, there are some differences in behavior. This topic discusses those differences.

Project Model

In Visual Basic 6.0, projects use a reference-based model—the project file contains references to project items, specifying their path. For example, when you add a text file to a project, the project file points to the location of the file. When the project is built, the text file is be loaded from that location.

Visual Basic 2005 uses a folder-based model—all project items are placed in the project folder hierarchy. When you add a text file, a copy of the file is placed in the project folder. When the project is built, the text file is loaded from that copy of the file.

Remove Command

In Visual Basic 6.0, the Remove command removes an item from a project, but the file still remains on disk.

In Visual Basic 2005, the Remove command is replaced by a Delete command, which both removes and deletes the file. The Exclude From Project command can be used to exclude a file from a project without deleting it.

Project Groups

In Visual Basic 6.0, multiple projects can be added in the Project Explorer; multiple projects are called Project Groups.

In Visual Basic 2005, the Solution Explorer replaces the Project Explorer; Project Groups are replaced by solutions. Where Project Groups can contain only Visual Basic projects, solutions can contain projects created in any combination of Visual Basic 2005 languages.

Project Files

In Visual Basic 6.0, project files (.vbp) and project group files (.vbg) are text files that can be edited directly in a text editor.

In Visual Basic 2005, project and solution files are in an XML format; they should not be edited directly.

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