This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Advanced Multithreading with Visual Basic

Multithreaded applications can run several different tasks simultaneously. The topics in this section describe how to manage those tasks so they work together smoothly and without conflicts.

Thread Synchronization

Covers how to synchronize multithreaded applications.

Thread Pooling

Describes how tasks can be added to a queue and then started as new threads are created.

Thread Timers

Describes how to run procedures on separate threads at fixed intervals.

Advanced Synchronization Techniques

Describes how multithreaded applications can use wait handles and monitor objects to synchronize multiple threads.

Multithreading in Visual Basic

Introduction to using multithreading in Visual Basic applications.

Multithreading in Components

Provides links to topics that describe how to use multithreading in component programming.

Walkthrough: Authoring a Simple Multithreaded Component with Visual Basic

Shows how to create multithreaded components.


Provides .NET Framework classes and interfaces that enable multithreaded programming.