CorMethodImpl Enumeration


Contains values that describe method implementation features.

typedef enum CorMethodImpl {  
    miCodeTypeMask      =   0x0003,  
    miIL                =   0x0000,  
    miNative            =   0x0001,  
    miOPTIL             =   0x0002,  
    miRuntime           =   0x0003,  
    miManagedMask       =   0x0004,  
    miUnmanaged         =   0x0004,  
    miManaged           =   0x0000,  
    miForwardRef        =   0x0010,  
    miPreserveSig       =   0x0080,  
    miInternalCall      =   0x1000,  
    miSynchronized      =   0x0020,  
    miNoInlining        =   0x0008,  
    miAggressiveInlining =  0x0100,  
    miNoOptimization     =  0x0040,  
    miMaxMethodImplVal  =   0xffff  
} CorMethodImpl;  

miCodeTypeMaskFlags that describe code type.
miILSpecifies that the method implementation is Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL).
miNativeSpecifies that the method implementation is native.
miOPTILSpecifies that the method implementation is OPTIL.
miRuntimeSpecifies that the method implementation is provided by the common language runtime.
miManagedMaskFlags that indicate whether the code is managed or unmanaged.
miUnmanagedSpecifies that the method implementation is unmanaged.
miManagedSpecifies that the method implementation is managed.
miForwardRefSpecifies that the method is defined. This flag is used primarily in merge scenarios.
miPreserveSigSpecifies that the method signature cannot be mangled for an HRESULT conversion.
miInternalCallReserved for internal use by the common language runtime.
miSynchronizedSpecifies that the method is single-threaded through its body.
miNoInliningSpecifies that the method cannot be inlined.
miAggressiveInliningSpecifies that the method should be inlined if possible.
miNoOptimizationSpecifies that the method should not be optimized.
miMaxMethodImplValThe maximum valid value for a CorMethodImpl.

Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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