This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Metadata Interfaces

This section describes the unmanaged interfaces that provide access to the metadata exposed by the .NET Framework types, methods, fields, and so on.

ICeeGen Interface

Provides methods for dynamic code compilation.

IHostFilter Interface

Provides a method for the run-time host to mark metadata tokens for processing.

IMapToken Interface

Provides mapping capabilities between imported and emitted metadata signatures.

IMetaDataAssemblyEmit Interface

Provides methods that support the self-description model used by the common language runtime (CLR) to resolve and consume resources.

IMetaDataAssemblyImport Interface

Provides methods to access and examine the contents of an assembly manifest.

IMetaDataConverter Interface

Provides methods to map type libraries to their metadata signatures, and to convert from one to the other.

IMetaDataDispenser Interface

IMetaDataDispenser is obsolete. Use IMetaDataDispenserEx instead.

IMetaDataDispenserEx Interface

Provides methods that map areas of memory for creating or modifying metadata.

IMetaDataEmit Interface

Provides methods to create, modify and store metadata about the assembly in the currently defined scope.

IMetaDataEmit2 Interface

Provides methods for defining and modifying the metadata signatures of methods and constructors with parameters of type System.Type.

IMetaDataError Interface

Provides a callback mechanism for reporting errors during the resolution of the metadata signature for an assembly.

IMetaDataFilter Interface

Provides methods for marking and filtering metadata tokens to avoid repeating actions that have already been taken.

IMetaDataImport Interface

Provides methods for importing and manipulating types from other assemblies.

IMetaDataImport2 Interface

Extends IMetaDataImport to provide the capability of working with generic types.

IMetaDataInfo Interface

Provides a method that gets information about the mapping of metadata from an on-disk file into memory.

IMetaDataTables Interface

Provides methods for the storage and retrieval of metadata information in tables.

IMetaDataTables2 Interface

Extends IMetaDataTables to include methods for working with metadata streams.

IMetaDataValidate Interface

Provides methods to use for validation of metadata signatures.