ICorDebugArrayValue Interface

A subclass of ICorDebugHeapValue Interface that represents a single-dimensional or multi-dimensional array.

interface ICorDebugArrayValue : ICorDebugHeapValue
    HRESULT GetBaseIndicies([in] ULONG32 cdim,
                            [out, size_is(cdim),
                            length_is(cdim)] ULONG32 indicies[]);
    HRESULT GetCount([out] ULONG32 *pnCount);
    HRESULT GetDimensions([in] ULONG32 cdim,
                          [out, size_is(cdim),
                           length_is(cdim)] ULONG32 dims[]);
    HRESULT GetElement([in] ULONG32 cdim,
                       [in, size_is(cdim),
                        length_is(cdim)] ULONG32 indices[],
                       [out] ICorDebugValue **ppValue);
    HRESULT GetElementAtPosition([in] ULONG32 nPosition,
                                 [out] ICorDebugValue **ppValue);
    HRESULT GetElementType([out] CorElementType *pType);
    HRESULT GetRank([out] ULONG32 *pnRank);
    HRESULT HasBaseIndicies([out] BOOL *pbHasBaseIndicies);

Method Description

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetBaseIndicies Method

Gets the base index of each dimension in the array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetCount Method

Gets the total number of elements in the array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetDimensions Method

Gets the dimensions of the array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetElement Method

Gets a value representing the given element in the array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetElementAtPosition Method

Gets the element at the given position, treating the array as a zero-based, single-dimensional array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetElementType Method

Gets the simple type of the elements in the array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::GetRank Method

Gets the number of dimensions in the array.

ICorDebugArrayValue::HasBaseIndicies Method

Determines whether the array has base indices.

ICorDebugArrayValue supports both single-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays.

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 family

Header: CorDebug.idl

Library: CorGuids.lib

.NET Framework Version: 2.0, 1.1, 1.0