EBindPolicyLevels Enumeration


Provides flags to specify the level at which to apply or modify assembly policy.

typedef enum {  
    ePolicyLevelNone         = 0x0,  
    ePolicyLevelRetargetable = 0x1,  
    ePolicyUnifiedToCLR      = 0x2,  
    ePolicyLevelApp          = 0x4,  
    ePolicyLevelPublisher    = 0x8,  
    ePolicyLevelHost         = 0x10,  
    ePolicyLevelAdmin        = 0x20  
    ePolicyPortability       = 0x40  
} EBindPolicyLevels;  

ePolicyLevelAdminSpecifies that policy should be applied at the administrator level.
ePolicyLevelAppSpecifies that policy should be applied at the application level.
ePolicyLevelHostSpecifies that policy should be applied at the host level.
ePolicyLevelNoneSpecifies no policy-level flags.
ePolicyLevelPublisherSpecifies that policy should be applied at the publisher level.
ePolicyLevelRetargetableSpecifies that policy should be applicable at variable levels.
ePolicyPortabilitySpecifies that policy should support portability between implementations of a .NET Framework assembly. See the <supportPortability> configuration file element.
ePolicyUnifiedToCLRSpecifies that policy should be unified to that of the common language runtime (CLR).

This enumeration is passed to methods of the ICLRHostBindingPolicyManager interface to specify changes in application policy.

Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: MSCorEE.h

Library: MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 2.0

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