IsFrameworkAssembly Function

IsFrameworkAssembly Function

Gets a value that indicates whether the specified assembly is managed.

HRESULT IsFrameworkAssembly (
    [in]  LPCWSTR pwzAssemblyReference,
    [out] LPBOOL  pbIsFrameworkAssembly,
    [in]  LPWSTR  pwzFrameworkAssemblyIdentity,
    [in]  LPDWORD pccSize


[in] The name of the assembly to check.


[out] A Boolean value that indicates whether the assembly is managed.


[in] An uncanonicalized string that contains the unique identity of the assembly.


[in] The size of pwzFrameworkAssemblyIdentity.

The pwzAssemblyReference parameter is a pointer to a character string that contains the name of an assembly.

If this assembly is part of the .NET Framework, the pbIsFrameworkAssembly parameter will contain a Boolean value of true.

If the named assembly is not part of the .NET Framework, or if the pwzAssemblyReference parameter does not name an assembly, pbIsFrameworkAssembly will contain a Boolean value of false.

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