This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ISymUnmanagedMethod::GetRanges Method

Given a position in a document, returns an array of start and end offset pairs that correspond to the ranges of Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) that the position covers within this method. The array is an array of integers and has the format [start, end, start, end]. The number of range pairs is the length of the array divided by 2.

HRESULT GetRanges(
    [in]  ISymUnmanagedDocument* document,
    [in]  ULONG32                line,
    [in]  ULONG32                column,
    [in]  ULONG32                cRanges,
    [out] ULONG32                *pcRanges,
    [out, size_is(cRanges),
        length_is(*pcRanges)] ULONG32 ranges[]);


[in] The document for which the offset is requested.


[in] The document line corresponding to the ranges.


[in] The document column corresponding to the ranges.


[in] The size of the ranges array.


[out] A pointer to a ULONG32 that receives the size of the buffer required to contain the ranges.


[out] A pointer to the buffer that receives the ranges.

S_OK if the method succeeds; otherwise, E_FAIL or some other error code.

Header: CorSym.idl, CorSym.h