ETaskType Enumeration


Contains values that indicate the type of task that is represented by either an ICLRTask or an IHostTask interface.

typedef enum ETaskType {  
    TT_DEBUGGERHELPER           = 0x1,  
    TT_GC                       = 0x2,  
    TT_FINALIZER                = 0x4,  
    TT_THREADPOOL_TIMER         = 0x8,  
    TT_THREADPOOL_GATE          = 0x10,  
    TT_THREADPOOL_WORKER        = 0x20,  
    TT_ADUNLOAD                 = 0x80,  
    TT_USER                     = 0x100,  
    TT_THREADPOOL_WAIT          = 0x200,  
    TT_UNKNOWN                  = 0x80000000  
} ETaskType;  

TT_ADUNLOADThe interface represents an application domain unloading task.
TT_DEBUGGERHELPERThe interface represents a debugger helper task.
TT_FINALIZERThe interface represents a finalizer task.
TT_GCThe interface represents a garbage collection task.
TT_THREADPOOL_GATEThe interface represents a gate thread task.
TT_THREADPOOL_IOCOMPLETIONThe interface represents an I/O thread task or a completion port thread task.
TT_THREADPOOL_TIMERThe interface represents a timer thread task.
TT_THREADPOOL_WAITThe interface represents a wait thread task.
TT_THREADPOOL_WORKERThe interface represents a worker thread task.
TT_UNKNOWNThe task is unknown.
TT_USERThe interface represents a user task.

Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: MSCorEE.h

Library: MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 2.0

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