CorMethodAttr Enumeration


Contains values that describe the features of a method.

typedef enum CorMethodAttr {  
    mdMemberAccessMask          =   0x0007,  
    mdPrivateScope              =   0x0000,  
    mdPrivate                   =   0x0001,  
    mdFamANDAssem               =   0x0002,  
    mdAssem                     =   0x0003,  
    mdFamily                    =   0x0004,  
    mdFamORAssem                =   0x0005,  
    mdPublic                    =   0x0006,  
    mdStatic                    =   0x0010,  
    mdFinal                     =   0x0020,  
    mdVirtual                   =   0x0040,  
    mdHideBySig                 =   0x0080,  
    mdVtableLayoutMask          =   0x0100,  
    mdReuseSlot                 =   0x0000,  
    mdNewSlot                   =   0x0100,  
    mdCheckAccessOnOverride     =   0x0200,  
    mdAbstract                  =   0x0400,  
    mdSpecialName               =   0x0800,  
    mdPinvokeImpl               =   0x2000,  
    mdUnmanagedExport           =   0x0008,  
    mdReservedMask              =   0xd000,  
    mdRTSpecialName             =   0x1000,  
    mdHasSecurity               =   0x4000,  
    mdRequireSecObject          =   0x8000,  
} CorMethodAttr;  

mdMemberAccessMaskSpecifies member access.
mdPrivateScopeSpecifies that the member cannot be referenced.
mdPrivateSpecifies that the member is accessible only by the parent type.
mdFamANDAssemSpecifies that the member is accessible by subtypes only in this assembly.
mdAssemSpecifies that the member is accessibly by anyone in the assembly.
mdFamilySpecifies that the member is accessible only by type and subtypes.
mdFamORAssemSpecifies that the member is accessible by derived classes and by other types in its assembly.
mdPublicSpecifies that the member is accessible by all types with access to the scope.
mdStaticSpecifies that the member is defined as part of the type rather than as a member of an instance.
mdFinalSpecifies that the method cannot be overridden.
mdVirtualSpecifies that the method can be overridden.
mdHideBySigSpecifies that the method hides by name and signature, rather than just by name.
mdVtableLayoutMaskSpecifies virtual table layout.
mdReuseSlotSpecifies that the slot used for this method in the virtual table be reused. This is the default.
mdNewSlotSpecifies that the method always gets a new slot in the virtual table.
mdCheckAccessOnOverrideSpecifies that the method can be overridden by the same types to which it is visible.
mdAbstractSpecifies that the method is not implemented.
mdSpecialNameSpecifies that the method is special, and that its name describes how.
mdPinvokeImplSpecifies that the method implementation is forwarded using PInvoke.
mdUnmanagedExportSpecifies that the method is a managed method exported to unmanaged code.
mdReservedMaskReserved for internal use by the common language runtime.
mdRTSpecialNameSpecifies that the common language runtime should check the encoding of the method name.
mdHasSecuritySpecifies that the method has security associated with it.
mdRequireSecObjectSpecifies that the method calls another method containing security code.

Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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