ICeeGen Interface


Provides methods for dynamic code compilation.

This interface is obsolete and should not be used.



ICeeGen::AddSectionReloc Method

Obsolete. Adds a .reloc instruction to the code base.

ICeeGen::AllocateMethodBuffer Method

Obsolete. Creates a buffer of the specified size for a method, and gets the relative virtual address of the method.

ICeeGen::ComputePointer Method

Obsolete. Determines the buffer for the specified code section.

ICeeGen::EmitString Method

Obsolete. Emits the specified string into the code base.

ICeeGen::GenerateCeeFile Method

Obsolete. Generates a code-base file that contains the code base currently loaded into this ICeeGen.

ICeeGen::GenerateCeeMemoryImage Method

Obsolete. Generates an image in memory for the code base.

ICeeGen::GetIlSection Method

Obsolete. Gets the section of the intermediate language code base referenced by the specified handle.

ICeeGen::GetIMapTokenIface Method

Obsolete. Gets the interface referenced by the specified token.

ICeeGen::GetMethodBuffer Method

Obsolete. Gets a buffer of the appropriate size for the method at the specified relative virtual address.

ICeeGen::GetSectionBlock Method

Obsolete. Gets a section block of the code base.

ICeeGen::GetSectionCreate Method

Obsolete. Generates and gets a code section using the specified name and flag values.

ICeeGen::GetSectionDataLen Method

Obsolete. Gets the length of the specified section.

ICeeGen::GetString Method

Obsolete. Gets the string stored at the specified relative virtual address.

ICeeGen::GetStringSection Method

Obsolete. Gets a string representation of the code section referenced by the specified handle.

ICeeGen::TruncateSection Method

Obsolete. Truncates the specified code section by the specified length.

Platforms: See .NET Framework System Requirements.

Header: Cor.h

Library: Used as a resource in MsCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0